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David S K Henson

Actor, director, lecturer and voice coach



Book published by Palgrave Macmillan December 20 2013. ISBN 978-1-137-33162-5

'Full of exercises and self-prompts for the beginner, this is an excellent and highly accessible orientation to the world of studying musical theatre – Joe Deer, Distinguished Professor of Musical Theatre, Wright state university, USA

'This comprehensive and entertaining book provides a springboard into practical work and study. Many books tell you what to do, but this one helps you understand why.' – Kim Ismay, Chair of the New Era Academy, UK

'This book makes the learning process so much easier to grasp, while maintaining a structural rigor that is required for our art.' ‒ Kevin Landis, Assistant Professor of Theatre and Theatre Program Director, University of Colorado at Colorado Springs, USA

'Full of useful advice and information, at its core Musical Theatre: a workbook provides a well-structured approach to achieving mastery of essential skills for the discipline and art-form of musical theatre. It includes creating a warm-up, developing a method of acting through song, and selecting appropriate portfolio material. Recommended for all students of the performing arts.' – David Carey, Voice Tutor, Royal Academy of Dramatic Arts, UK

'This is the only book of its kind out there. It is equally valuable as a starting point for students entering Musical Theatre training and an invaluable resource for teachers of Musical Theatre. Musical Theatre: A Workbook provides a theoretical overview and practical hands-on tools for daily practice and development. Henson and Pickering touch on just about every aspect that the singer must consider, from choosing material and building a portfolio, to daily exercises, to caring for the voice and body, all the way to developing an understanding of Musical Theatre in a broader context. This book investigates it all, and does so in a clear and accessible way.

But above all, the strength of this unique workbook and training system is that it allows the fluid and flexibility for the student to truly become their own artist. Students will walk away from this training not only with a broader understanding of the Musical Theatre and a strengthened skillset, but the empowerment to make their own creative and artistic choices.' – Laura Wayth, Assistant Professor and Coordinator of the Actor Training Program, San Francisco State University, USA

‘All bases are covered by Henson & Pickering, who have a wealth of first-hand experience to draw upon and great expertise in the field. It's interesting and informative as well as being full of practical tips. A great handbook for anyone wanting to develop the key skills needed to work in musical theatre. Highly recommended.’- R. Kenward, publisher and writer – Musical Theatre Review